miart 2023: prizes
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miart 2023: prizes



Herno Prize for the best installation at the booth shared by the galleries ERMES ERMES (Rome) e LC Queisser (Tbilisi) in the Established section

LCA Prize for Emergent to HOA Galeria (São Paulo)


Covivio Prize selected the artist Lorenza Longhi brought to miart by Fanta-MLN (Milan) in the Emergent section to commission a site-specific work.


The Henraux Sculpture Commission Foundation for the creation of a piece of art in marble goes to Haris Epaminonda in the booth of Galleria Massimo Minini (Brescia) in the Established section


The Orbital Culture Prize - Nexi Group commissioned a photo documentation work to Francesco Jodice in the booth of Galleria Umberto Di Marino (Naples) in the Established section


The Matteo Visconti di Modrone Prize awarded to June Crespo with P420 (Bologna) and Ehrhardt Flórez (Madrid) in Established section


The Milan Brera Rotary Club Prize for Contemporary Art and Young Artists acquired the work of Binta Diaw at miart with PROMETEO GALLERY Ida Pisani (Milan – Lucca) in Established section


The Massimo Giorgetti Prize chose to support Jenna Bliss at GAUDLITZ (Vienna) gallery in Emergent section 

Milan, 15 April 2023 - miart 2023, the international modern and contemporary art fair in Milan organised by Fiera Milano, announces the winners of the Herno Prize, the LCA Prize for Emergent, the Matteo Visconti di Modrone Prize, the Rotary Club Milano Brera Prize for Contemporary Art and the Massimo Giorgetti Prize, as well as the commissions for the Covivio Prize, the Henraux Sculpture Commission Foundation and the Orbital Cultura - Nexi Group Prize.


ERMES ERMES (Rome) and LC Queisser (Tbilisi) is the winning gallery of the eighth edition of the Herno Prize, with works by Luisa Gardini (1935, Ravenna, Italy) and Ser Serpas (1995, Los Angeles, California) in the Established section.

The prize worth 10,000 euro was awarded to the stand with the best exhibition project by the international jury consisting of Nicholas Cullinan, (Director, National Portrait Gallery, London), Sébastien Delot (Director, LaM - Lille Métropole Musée d'art moderne, d'art contemporain et d'art brut) and Yilmaz Dziewior (Director, Museum Ludwig, Cologne).

The jury justified their choice as follows: “The dialogue generated by the collaboration between the two galleries and the original comparison between the languages of Gardini and Serpas, two artists of different generations whose apparently distant works find many points in common, is very interesting. We find in this binomial a particular combination and unexpected links. The stand, despite its small size, showcases a museum-level exhibition project”.


The LCA Prize for Emergent worth 4,000 euro, established in 2015 by the collaboration between miart and LCA Studio Legale and awarded to the gallery with the best presentation in the Emergent section, was awarded to HOA Galeria (São Paulo). 

The international jury - consisting of Fernanda Brenner (Artistic Director, Pivô, São Paulo), Laura McLean-Ferris (Writer and Independent Curator, Turin) and Leonie Radine (Curator, Museion, Bolzano) - awarded the gallery project involving the artist Kelton Campos Fausto (1996, São Paulo, Brazil) with the following justification: “the jury was struck by the quality of the presentation of HOA, and Kelton Campos Fausto’s poetic response to the constant imposition of Western cosmogonies. The gallery is clearly rethinking the commercial model and how it can be directed towards more collaborative and socially engaged dynamics. As the only gallery in the section from Latin America, bringing a new generation of Brazilian artists to international audiences, they also stood out among a very strong set of presentations in the Emergent section of miart this year”..


In line with the Company's philosophy of promoting talented and emerging artists, the Covivio Prize, in its second edition and given to an artist in the Emergent section for the creation of a site-specific work with an investment of up to 20,000 euro, was awarded to Lorenza Longhi (1991, Lecco, Italiy) brought to miart by the Fanta-MLN (Milan). The work created by the winning artist will be exhibited at the Wellio by Covivio proworking space in Via dell'Unione 1, Milan.

The justification for the acquisition was the following: “the objective of the commissioned work, which will become an integral part of the building, is to reflect the identity of Wellio and the new working concept that the format promotes, characterized by flexibility, services, technology, community and networking opportunities between professionals. With this in mind, the artist was selected by Covivio for her ability to reflect through her work on how the boundaries of our personal space expand between the arenas of work and private life”.


The first edition of the Henraux Sculpture Commission Foundation, which envisages the commissioning of a marble work to be exhibited at the Museo del Novecento in Milan from April 2024, was awarded to Haris Epaminonda (1980, Nicosia, Cyprus) in the Galleria Massimo Minini (Brescia) stand in the Established section.  The artist will create the project during a residency at the Foundation in Querceta di Seravezza (LU), where the artist will have the opportunity to interact with outstanding stone materials, historical stone masters and the innovative technologies of Henraux SpA. 

The jury composed of Edoardo Bonaspetti (Artistic Director, Fondazione Henraux and Co-Director, Ordet, Milan), Massimiliano Gioni (Artistic Director, New Museum, New York and Artistic Director, Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milan), Gianfranco Maraniello (Director, Area Musei d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea del Comune di Milano) and Catherine Nichols (Creative Mediator, Manifesta 14, Pristina and Curator, Hamburger Bahnhof - Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) awarded the artist with the following justification: “Epaminonda works with sculpture, photography, video and installation. Her works often engage with archeology, museography and memory, explored through the use of fragments and quotations. We have chosen to reward the Cypriot for her ability to combine this custom with history and new visions of the future”.


Dedicated to photography, the Orbital Cultura Prize - Nexi Group, in its first edition, was created with the aim of providing Italy's historic museums with quality contemporary images and encouraging an ongoing exchange of views between past and present. It selected Francesco Jodice (1967, Napoli, Italy) at miart with Umberto Di Marino (Naples) in the Established section to commission a photo documentation of the exterior and common areas of the Uffizi Gallery complex (the museum centre to which the first edition of the prize is dedicated), with an award of 10,000 euro.

The jury composed of Michele De Lucchi (Architect, Milan), Giovanna Silva (Photographer and editor, Milan), Francesco Zanot (Curator and critic, Milan) justified the commission as follows: “throughout his career, Francesco Jodice has constantly worked on the architectural landscape of cities around the world with the aim of revealing the stories that buildings carry with them, from the moment of their construction to the subsequent stages of their use. The Uffizi Galleries are a place where the past is intertwined with the present and the future, through a continuous process of re-reading by ever-changing and heterogeneous audiences. The prize awarded to Jodice reflects his ability to represent built space not only by highlighting its stylistic and formal characteristics, but as the result of a study that intertwines architecture, politics, economics and social sciences. Opposing any attempt at simplification, his work makes the complexity and multiplication of interpretative tools the only possible means for the representation of the contemporary city and its most iconic places”.


In memory of the President of the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, the Matteo Visconti di Modrone Prize worth 10,000 euro was awarded to June Crespo (1982, Pamplona, Spain) at miart with P420 (Bologna) and Ehrhardt Flórez (Madrid) in the Established section who will have the opportunity to create the work at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, with the assistance of the artisans who work there. The jury composed of Andreas Boccone, (Technical Director, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Milan and President of the Jury), Francesco Arena, (Artist, Cassano delle Murge), Paola Pivi, (Artist, Anchorage), Bruna Roccasalva, (Artistic Director, Fondazione Furla, Milan) and Velasco Vitali, (Artist, Milan) justified their selection as follows: “the work of June Crespo (Pamplona, 1982) is an example of how sculpture can be an expression of contemporaneity even when it remains tied to the use of traditional materials and processes. In her ongoing experiments investigating the relationship between objects, the human body and architecture, the spanish artist combines bronze castings with textiles, resins, concrete and metal, creating unusual juxtapositions that explore the formal and expressive possibilities of materials and the potential of sculptural language”.


The thirteenth edition of the Rotary Club Milano Brera Prize for Contemporary Art and Young Artists acquired Naître au monde, c'est concevoir (vivre) enfin le monde comme relation #1 by Binta Diaw (1995, Milan, Italy) at miart with PROMETEO GALLERY Ida Pisani (Milan – Lucca) in the Established section to be donated to the Museo del Novecento di Milano (Museum of the 20th Century in Milan). The jury, composed of Laura Cherubini, (Curator, Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan), Christian Marinotti, (Editor, Professor of Art History in the Degree Course in Architectural Design at the Milan Polytechnic and creator of the award) and Paola Ugolini, (Art Critic and Curator, Rome), explained the choice for their acquisition as follows: “Binta Diaw, 1995 born and raised in Milan but with Senegalese origins, is one of the few Afro-Italian artists.  For her, hair is an instrument of struggle, of resistance to the colonial legacy and of claiming African origins, thus reaffirming her own identity. It seemed important to award a very young woman and Afro-Italian, manifesting a choice in the direction of inclusiveness”.


Jenna Bliss (1984, Yonkers, New York), at miart with FELIX GAUDLITZ (Vienna) in the Emergent section, was the artist selected for the first edition of the Massimo Giorgetti Prize, which stems from Massimo Giorgetti's desire to support young artists at the beginning of their careers. The prize worth 5,000 euro awarded for supporting practice and research by a jury composed of Massimo Giorgetti (Founder and Creative Director, MSGM, Milan), Stefano Cernuschi (Co-Director, Ordet, Milan), Marta Papini (Independent Curator) with this justification:  “Starting from Massimo Giorgetti's desire to support young artists at the beginning of their careers, we have decided to award the work of Jenna Bliss, which is based on long periods of research and on long-format films, photographs, short videos, and sculptures. The Friendship series (2022) struck us with the evocation of a recent but now forgotten past, in which our hands were free from smartphones. Through the award, we are happy to support the production of her new solo exhibition in an institution”.


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