miart 2021 presents the new visual campaign Dismantling the silence
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miart 2021 presents the new visual campaign Dismantling the silence



miart presents


Dismantling the silence


The new campaign for the promotion of miart 2021, the international modern and contemporary art fair in milan, opening to the public on 17 september 2021.


Milan 1 April 2021 - Dismantling the Silence is the title of the visual campaign created by Studio Folder for miart 2021, the twenty-fifth edition of the modern and contemporary art fair in Milan organised by Fiera Milano and directed for the first year by Nicola Ricciardi — which will take place in a hybrid form, physical and digital, from 17 to 19 September.


The campaign takes its title from the eponymous collection of poems by Charles Simic- Serbian-born American poet, translator and academic, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1990 – which was published in 1971 and celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.


Dismantling the Silence is miart's response to an art world that is going through a period of profound transformation and which - after almost two years of absence and silence - is now looking for new ways to communicate. miart decided to start with and from poetry, a medium closely intertwined with the history of art, in order to build a path in steps that will be revealed over the course of the next six months, following the time and rhythm needed to break the silence and fill it with new content and new meaning.


The campaign designed by Studio Folder is inspired by the current of expressive typography and utilize the font Perpetua that was used for the first publication of Charles Simić's collection in 1971. The letters are broken down into lines that reveal the message through movement, thanks to animation and the Moiré pattern - an interference figure created by the superimposition of two patterns, which creates the optical illusion of movement - for the analogue and digital media.


So, the "breaking of silence" takes place through an action that becomes a game on different media, reflecting the dual nature - physical and digital - of miart 2021. Starting in April 2021 and until miart is opened to the public on 17 September, Dismantling the Silence will disclose the story of miart's many souls - the dialogue between past and present, history and experimentation, and the interdisciplinary approach to the coexistence of modern art, contemporary art, design and applied arts - through the blossoming, after silence, of new words.