miart 2023


miart - the international modern and contemporary art fair in Milan - is the exhibition that presents the widest chronological offer in Italy, offering a wide audience of Italian and international collectors the opportunity to discover masterpieces from the early twentieth century to the creations of the latest generations.


After ‘Dismantling silence’ in 2021 and starting the ‘first movement’ of a possible new symphony the following year, in 2023 miart continues in the vein of musical metaphors shaping the visual identity of the new edition around the word ‘Crescendo’.

In technical language, the term refers to a dynamic musical indication involving the gradual increase in the intensity of sound in a composition; but in this context it also refers to the growth – in terms of quality, participation, audience - seen between the previous two editions and, above all, to the desire to continue this ascending trajectory in 2023.

miart sections


The main section of miart will host galleries who present contemporary art in its strictest interpretation as well as galleries presenting works produced before the year 2000, in a selection ranging from the masters of modern art to the most recent new creations. In this section, miart will also be accepting applications from galleries in the field of collectible design, with special emphasis on the relationship between the visual and applied arts and on the design-oriented nature of exhibits. ALL applying galleries will be scrutinised by the selection committee and ALL the proposed projects will then be approved and eventually edited by a dedicated team of curators with the goal of presenting a coherent and orderly mix, promoting dialogue between galleries and between iconic artists and/or new talents, honouring tradition while looking boldly to the future.


A section that explores the history of the 20th century, divided by decades. Each booth, through a monographic or thematic exhibition, presents a key moment of the period in question, in a succession of projects dating from the 1910s to the 2010s.

Curated by:
Alberto Salvadori, Director, ICA, Milan


A section for galleries whose programming focuses on the artists latest generations.

Curated by:
Attilia Fattori Franchini, Independent Curator, Vienna



Claudia Ciaccio, ZERO…, Milan
Alice Conconi, ANDREW KREPS, New York
Patrice Cotensin, LELONG & CO., Paris - New York
Peter Kilchmann, PETER KILCHMANN, Zurich
Florian Lüdde, CHERTLÜDDE, Berlin
Gió Marconi, GIÓ MARCONI, Milan
Ruggero Montrasio, MONTRASIO ARTE, Milan – Monza