miart 2024


Borrowing the words from a song by Franco Battiato, an artist of restless curiosity and feverish imagination, miart 2024 is titled No Time No Space, emphasizing the desire to further expand the fair’s borders both temporally and geographically, thanks to a new curated section called Portal and a series of ongoing and expanding collaborations aimed at disseminating art into the streets and institutions of Milan.


The main section of miart will host galleries who present contemporary art in its strictest interpretation as well as galleries presenting works produced before the year 2000, in a selection ranging from the masters of modern art to the most recent new creations. In this section, miart will also be accepting applications from galleries in the field of collectible design, with special emphasis on the relationship between the visual and applied arts and on the design-oriented nature of exhibits. ALL applying galleries will be scrutinised by the selection committee and ALL the proposed projects will then be approved and eventually edited by a dedicated team of curators with the goal of presenting a coherent and orderly mix, promoting dialogue between galleries and between iconic artists and/or new talents, honouring tradition while looking boldly to the future.


The poet Giorgio Caproni once told the story of an English writer who - accused of not paying attention to current events - replied: "If I want to talk about light, I am not interested in talking about the electric bulb, I am interested in lightning, the flash that belongs to everyone". In the same way, Portal is a deliberately anachronistic section, which nevertheless strips the term of its derogatory hue to restore it to its legitimate meaning— that of scrambling timelines to speak of our time, capturing in the tumultuous and ever-changing flow of the present what is stable and lasting in art. The section brings together ten galleries presenting universes and artistic practices that are only apparently very distant: a window to look at the present through parallel dimensions and unconventional prisms.

Curated by:

Julieta González, Artistic Director, Inhotim, Brumadinho

Abaseh Mirvali, independent curator, Los Angeles 



A section for galleries whose programming focuses on the artists latest generations.

Curated by:
Attilia Fattori Franchini, Independent Curator, Vienna

Claudia Ciaccio, ZERO…, Milan
Alice Conconi, ANDREW KREPS, New York
Patrice Cotensin, LELONG & CO., Paris - New York
Peter Kilchmann, PETER KILCHMANN, Zurich
Florian Lüdde, CHERTLÜDDE, Berlin
Gió Marconi, GIÓ MARCONI, Milan
Ruggero Montrasio, MONTRASIO ARTE, Milan – Monza