After Dismantling the Silence in 2021 and Primo Movimento the following year, in 2023 miart continues in the vein of musical metaphors and builds the identity of the new edition around the word Crescendo.


In technical language, the expression refers to a musical dynamic indication that involves the gradual increase of sound intensity. In relation to the fair, however, this term signifies the growth in participation and audience seen in the previous two editions and the desire to continue this upward trajectory beyond 2023. And Crescendo also alludes to the protection and development of biodiversity, the care of the environment and its resources with reference to miart's role in the Gallery Climate Coalition Italy and its ever-growing commitment to more sustainable practices with a lower environmental impact.


Three interpretations of Crescendo therefore, - in relation to sound, art & sound, to people, art & bodies, to the care of the ecosystem, art & earth – which will be the narrative expedient to narrate, between now and the fair, the works of some of the artists that you will be able to meet among the stands of miart 2023.


The visual identity was entrusted to Cabinet Milano who has chosen the path of coexistence between photographic image and typographic identity. The logo, repeated and multiplied according to modules that remind of music beat, thus seems to participate, together with photography, to a symphony of voices and actions

The main image is a series of eleven women who embody, each in their own personal way, a form of rebellious femininity. The women portrayed are not professional models, but ordinary people, selected because they break the patterns associated with female stereotypes.


The protagonists of the campaign wonder about the perception of the body in the public space, clothes in relation to the body and, more generally, the implicit and implied impositions hidden in these topics. Given the trendiness of the issues, we wanted to give space through the silent medium of photography to the voice of these women, representing them as they walk, sing, whistle, shout, show off and make themselves visible. Therefore, the parade in its action of revitalising the urban space through billposting, invites the passer-by to pay attention to the voices and gestures of these protagonists.



Creative Direction: Cabinet Milano

Artistic Direction: Rossana Passalacqua, Francesco Valtolina

Team: Veronica Alba, Nicola Narbone, Benedetta Stefani

Photography and video: Chaumont-Zaerpour

Director of photography (video only): Jacques Baguenier

Music (video only):  Max Wuchner

Editing (video only): Lucia Martinez

Post production (Photography only): Stefano Maccotta

Models: Allegra Cavassoni, Appoline Diane Baillet, Attandi Trawalley, Helena Hiegemann, Lori Bourrec, Zigen-Shor, Maia Hawad and Rocio Ortiz

Special thanks: Fabio Maragno, Anna Carniel