Established Masters  

A section for galleries that show artworks made before the year 1999 in a selection that ranges from the masters of modern art to artists being rediscovered today.

Curated by:
Alberto SalvadoriDirector, OAC Fondazione CR di Firenze, Florence


Established Contemporary

A section for primary market galleries that focus on contemporary languages, from current classics to new and recent productions.


Established First Step

A category devoted to galleries that participated in the past in the Emergent section and are now passing to the Established Contemporary section.
Participation in the First Step category is permitted for a maximum of two editions of the fair and for a limited number of galleries.



A section for galleries whose programming focuses on the artists latest generations.

Curated by:
Attilia Fattori Franchini
, Independent Curator, London



A section that pays tribute to the central role of galleries and their history in an itinerary that crosses the 20th century, divided by decades. Each booth, through a monographic or thematic exhibition, presents a key moment of the period in question, in a succession of 9 projects dating from the 1910s to the 1990s.

Curated by:
Alberto Salvadori, Director, OAC Fondazione CR Firenze, Florence



Invitational curated section in which two galleries are invited to create a dialogue between two artists belonging to two different generations. 
The two galleries will share the same stand and will collaborate on a single exhibition project. 

Curated by:
Lorenzo Benedetti, Curator for Contemporary Arts, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen



Section on galleries active in the promotion of experimental design, decorative arts and limited editions and collectible design, whose exhibition activities are rooted in a close collaboration with the designers.

Curated by:
Hugo Macdonald, Design Critic and Journalist, London


On Demand

Regardless of the section, the galleries are invited to exhibit context-based, site-specific or interactive works within their stand.
This means installations, wall paintings and wall drawings, projects to be executed, specific commissions, performances and contract work. The focus of these works is to develop a direct relation with the public and/or the collector.

Curated by:
Oda AlberaExhibitors Liaison and Special Projects, Milan

Carnet de Miart


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